How We Attract World-Class Leadership Talent to Our Virtual Business

In an increasingly virtualized world, organizations need solid leadership teams to solve the challenges of running a successful work-from-anywhere business. Still, world-class leaders are always in high demand.

As competition heats up to recruit this top-level talent, companies are looking for ways to distinguish themselves as market frontrunners by building an innovative, performant culture that attracts in-demand talent.

Here at Activus Connect, we’ve managed to bring all of these things together, allowing us to recruit some brilliant people at the highest level of our virtual business. Here are some of the areas we focus on.

Diversity and Gender Equity Standards

Workforce diversity isn’t just essential on a human and moral level; it results in numerous business benefits. With a workforce that spans multiple different cultures and backgrounds, companies can tap into a wealth of knowledge, experiences, and ideas, increasing innovation and driving better decisions throughout the company.

Additionally, world-class leaders know the importance of diversity and gender equality in business and naturally gravitate towards organizations that live and breathe these essential values.

Activus Connect is a Certified Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise (M/WBE), so diversity and equity are at the very heart of our company. As such, we’ve been able to attract executives from several ethnic backgrounds—55% of our senior leadership team are Hispanic, African American, or Asian, and 70% are female.

When leadership candidates see this approach to diversity, they know that embracing diversity is a practice, not just a company tagline.

Technologies that Enable High-Performance

Without a robust, secure technological infrastructure in place, any career opportunities might become a tough sell to most leaders, as there is less reason to join a business that lacks the right tools to enable expected business outcomes.

At Activus Connect, our entire workforce—executives included—relies on our SmartVirtual™ solutions to get the job done. Our leadership teams have access to advanced analytics and quality assurance monitoring at the highest level that ensures we’re hitting the mark and providing elevated customer experiences. Above all, it gives leaders the ability to understand the relationship between customers, Ambassadors, and the brands we serve, motivating many of our current executives to pursue a career with us.

Along with the many benefits of running a virtual business, there are some limitations. With the right technology and processes in place, it’s possible to avoid any bottlenecks and empower leaders to improve the company.

Promoting Transparency and Openness

From our perspective, transparency is the only way to gain clients, employees, and leaders’ trust, especially in a virtual company. Remote based businesses like ours need to explain all business decisions in a timely and transparent manner to a geographically dispersed workforce. The alternative results in confusion and a damaging disconnect with the most precious asset of any organization, the employees.

We achieve this by embracing our various social media channels as avenues to learn and explore new and innovative ways to support our Ambassadors both personally and professionally. At Activus Connect, we strive to create elevated experiences with each other, our clients and their customers, and within the work that we do to give back to our local communities.

In terms of attracting world-class leadership, this approach to transparency has helped us narrow down the best fit for the company to ensure alignment with our foundational pillars of elevating experiences, building brands, enriching lives, and cultivating communities.

Bonus Tip: Accessible Executive Leadership Team

Gone are the days of scheduling a face-to-face sit-down meeting many weeks or months in advance. Everyone needs to be a quick video chat away in a virtual business environment, including the executives.

Once you’ve attracted the leaders you want, make sure they’re accessible to the whole workforce because the value goes both ways. People on the front-lines feel respected as a valuable part of the company. At the same time, leaders learn about the challenges and successes that employees face daily.

Since day one, all members of our leadership team at Activus have embraced the idea of being available across the company. They even speak to everyone through video updates or occasionally drop in on team meetings to see how people are doing. The result? Well-informed leaders and a loyal, highly motivated virtual workforce.

With the right approach to leadership, companies with virtual operations can recruit incredible execs who can accelerate business growth, insert the best possible talent at every level of the company, and seamlessly integrate innovative technologies to ensure secure, stable, remote operations.

Get in touch with Activus Connect to learn more about spearheading successful virtual operations from our remarkable leaders.