Infusing Brand Culture, From the Inside Out

By Sandy Ellis As companies strive to differentiate themselves through consistent and excellent products and services, their ability to infuse a purpose-driven culture throughout their organization and across their supporting partners is crucial. Elon Musk said, “every person in your company is a vector. Your progress is determined by the sum of all vectors.” Although

For Mid-Market Players, One Size BPO Does Not Fit All

As mid-market companies seek to provide innovative, impactful customer experiences, their choice of CX delivery partners plays a significant role in this strategy. The business process outsourcing (BPO) industry comprises thousands of service providers ranging from multinational giants to boutique startups, so it is often challenging to find a good fit that checks all the

Inspiring Forward: Giving Back Together at Their Local Church

Giving back is a wonderful gesture that can cause a ripple effect to those that experience it. Wet met with sisters, Sandra Adame (SA) and Genesis Martinez (GM), to talk about their Day of Giving experience volunteering at their local church’s food bank where they helped distribute meals and prepare the church for reopening. AC:

Elevating the Traditional COE Model with a Virtual Community of Excellence

By Sandy Ellis Despite the magnitude of global challenges and distractions over the preceding eighteen months, company leaders continue to seek how best to operate, grow and transform their business. A common pre-pandemic practice was to establish a Center of Excellence (COE) in a physical location that was staffed by subject matter experts. The experts

Why Work-at-Home Service Delivery Compliments Business Continuity Strategy

By Susie Buffam Every year, business continuity planning (BCP) is increasingly more vital for protecting the customer experience. Brands face significant challenges from natural disasters, geopolitical events, and now pandemics, requiring agile CX partners with resilient operations strategically designed to mitigate these risks. Unfortunately, most BCP plans only lower risk; instead of developing service delivery

Inspiring Forward with the Shekinah Glory Family Care Ministries

With thousands of paid time hours available to our Activus Connect Ambassadors for volunteerism, we celebrate the real difference they are making within their local communities. From a dedicated family of Ministers, Zionde Harper (ZH) grew up serving and helping others. During her Day of Giving, she volunteered at her family’s ministry. AC: For your

SmartVirtual™ Vs. GigCX Vs. Hybrid: Which Adds the Most CX Value?

By Felix Serrano In a world where customer experience is essential, an organization’s choice of CX delivery model is equally as vital. Gone are the days of buying hundreds of seats in a cramped call center, filling them with local employees, and pacing the aisles under the guise of “coaching.” Today’s CX delivery is about

Portable Career as a Military Spouse

At Activus Connect, we’re always proud to highlight the courageous actions of our brave veterans but equally celebrate the sacrifices made by their significant others. With Military Spouse Appreciation Day falling on May 7th, what better time to tell the story of one of our Ambassadors, Jonathan Martinez, whose husband serves as a first-class petty