Leadership Spotlight: Achieving Virtual Excellence with Innovative Technologies

As a SmartVirtual™ company in a globalized industry, technology and talented people go hand-in-hand when striving for excellence. The success of a 100% work-at-home operation relies heavily on a robust, forward-thinking, innovative approach to IT, a fact that our new CIO, Anthony Crutcher, knows all too well. We sat down with Anthony to chat about […]

Stop Using COVID-19 as an Excuse for Bad Customer Experiences

In virtually every industry, low-quality customer service is becoming the norm thanks to the ultimate get-out-of-jail-free card: the coronavirus pandemic. There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has forced brands to change their approach to CX, but quality experiences are becoming an afterthought, which will eventually lead to reputational damage for many organizations. “Sorry for the inconvenience, […]

Life at Activus: Swimming, Surfing, and Studying on a Full-Time Livable Wage

There was a time when working, studying, and enjoying life to the fullest were almost impossible to juggle all at once, but with the advent of widespread remote work, people are beginning to realize there’s a better way to achieve an acceptable work-life balance. Marcos Castro, 26, is part of the Activus Connect human resources […]

CEO Outlook: Why GigCX Workers Will Never Replace Dedicated CX Teams

The term “GigCX” has been exciting members of the customer experience industry recently, and rightly so—any potential disruption to our industry deserves attention. Unfortunately, the benefits of GigCX are getting all the press, to the point where some companies are pegging it as the industry’s inevitable future. All the while, its disadvantages remain safely hidden […]

Secret Sauce: Linking Transparency with High-Performing Virtual Teams

The world is virtualizing faster than ever, with no signs of slowing down. Work-at-home employment is now mainstream, presenting several new challenges for business leaders that built their companies from brick-and-mortar. One of the most difficult aspects of virtualization is maintaining a collaborative, productive, consistent work environment that can withstand business continuity issues while strengthening […]

Secret Sauce: Enhancing Culture and Behavior Across a Virtual Company

As a provider of customer experience outsourcing solutions, we’re always trying to create an environment and an organization that can do more meaningful, tangible things for customers and employees. One of our key mantras is “elevating experiences”, which reflects that mission both internally and externally. Our SmartVirtual™ model is a game-changer for most families. It […]

Life at Activus: Helping People Succeed from the Comfort of Home

During these difficult times, people have come to appreciate the support that distant work colleagues can provide, so it’s vital that companies hire HR experts who can keep others happy and help them develop their careers from afar—at Activus Connect, we call this elevating Ambassador experiences. Based in Washington, Jessica Williams, is an AX Support […]

Leadership Spotlight: Virtual CX Strategies for An Unpredictable World

At Activus Connect, our SmartVirtual™ business model has enabled us to continuously plan for future growth and expand our CX delivery platform around the world, while many customer experience providers are still struggling to provide high-quality service in a virtual environment. Susie Buffam, our Chief Strategy Officer, has been a huge part of this success. […]

Life at Activus: The Perfect Opportunity for a Seasoned Virtual Professional

One of the best things about being a 100% SmartVirtual™ company is the freedom to employ people in any location. We’ve been able to attract talented individuals from all walks of life with a diverse range of professional backgrounds. Angie Dixon, our Administrative Assistant, is one of those people. Angie grew up in New York […]

Life at Activus: Trading an Insane Workload for an Ideal Work-Life Balance

The secret is out. Work-at-home is a great way to increase free time for employees, as it eliminates the daily commute and reduces the amount of office-related distractions. However, instead of giving that free time to their employees, some companies are keeping it for themselves and making people work harder than before. Organizations don’t always […]