Life at Activus: Raising Twins at Home as a Full-Time Mom and Ambassador

Working at home has loads of well-documented benefits, but the best perk for many people is spending extra time with the family, something that Charlotte Cawthon, an Ambassador at Activus Connect, values immensely. Charlotte lives in Atlanta, Georgia, where she has fully embraced the work-at-home lifestyle. Her role as an Ambassador has allowed her to […]

Weathering Another Storm: BPO’s Next Challenge After COVID-19

Real talk: COVID-19 is an apocalyptic storm that is ravaging the BPO and CX outsourcing world, completely blindsiding the industry and forcing every traditional provider into a corner. When enforced social distancing and quarantine measures came into place, contact centers and BPO offices around the world were shut down indefinitely, leading most of the industry […]

Life at Activus: Home-Based Job Security and Flexibility Over 50

When it comes down to it, how many BPO and customer experience providers can offer flexible work schedules, secure positions in a growing company, and above-average living wages to people of all ages? Now, how many of those companies are able to offer all of that in a work-at-home, virtual environment, without compromising on CX […]

3 Essential Security and Compliance Elements for Work-at-Home CX

Since the early days of work-at-home customer service, customer experience (CX) and BPO providers have always struggled with the same issue: how to replicate in-center security and compliance practices in a virtual setting. Today, with work-at-home CX now accelerating, brands are finally coming around to the idea that a virtual workforce can actually increase security, […]

Life at Activus: Balancing Ph.D. Studies With Full-Time Remote Employment

In this new series of articles, we shine a spotlight on our Ambassadors and other essential team members as they share their personal stories and describe their experiences on the job with Activus Connect. Our first lucky contender is Sofia Alemany (25), a self-confessed workaholic and a human resources Ph.D. student based in Puerto Rico. […]

Here’s Some Good News, There’s A Simple Fix for CX Disruption

Let me preface everything in this post with one very important point: there will always be a place for traditional BPO. Even with the current crisis, contact centers are unlikely to go extinct, but there are several new realities that brick and mortar BPOs and their customers now have to face as the future of […]

Partner Q&A: Creating a 40% Drop in Operational Costs in One Month

At Activus Connect, we’re always highlighting the benefits of work-at-home customer experience, but it’s really our customers who understand it best, so we’ve decided to give them the spotlight to provide their unique insight into the SmartVirtualTM experience. A Closer Look is a customer research and data-analytics firm that provides retailers, restaurants, and hotels with […]

Case Study: A Closer Look

Maximizing efficiency, reducing costs, and preparing for future successes. The Client Headquartered in Norcross, Georgia, A Closer Look is a customer research and data-analytics firm that provides retailers, restaurants, and hotels with unique customer experience data from mystery shops. The company was founded 25 years ago by three entrepreneurs with an ambition to enter the […]

Quick Tips for Boosting Productivity in a Home Working Space

Working from home is fast becoming the new normal for people facing Coronavirus lockdowns around the world, presenting significant challenges for traditional, office-based companies that are forced to adapt.

There is good news: research shows that flexibility around home working initiatives results in increased productivity, happier workers, and all the associated organizational benefits…