Life at Activus: Helping People Succeed from the Comfort of Home

During these difficult times, people have come to appreciate the support that distant work colleagues can provide, so it’s vital that companies hire HR experts who can keep others happy and help them develop their careers from afar—at Activus Connect, we call this elevating Ambassador experiences. Based in Washington, Jessica Williams, is an AX Support […]

Leadership Spotlight: Virtual CX Strategies for An Unpredictable World

At Activus Connect, our SmartVirtual™ business model has enabled us to continuously plan for future growth and expand our CX delivery platform around the world, while many customer experience providers are still struggling to provide high-quality service in a virtual environment. Susie Buffam, our Chief Strategy Officer, has been a huge part of this success. […]

Life at Activus: The Perfect Opportunity for a Seasoned Virtual Professional

One of the best things about being a 100% SmartVirtual™ company is the freedom to employ people in any location. We’ve been able to attract talented individuals from all walks of life with a diverse range of professional backgrounds. Angie Dixon, our Administrative Assistant, is one of those people. Angie grew up in New York […]

Life at Activus: Trading an Insane Workload for an Ideal Work-Life Balance

The secret is out. Work-at-home is a great way to increase free time for employees, as it eliminates the daily commute and reduces the amount of office-related distractions. However, instead of giving that free time to their employees, some companies are keeping it for themselves and making people work harder than before. Organizations don’t always […]

Leadership Spotlight: Managing Operations in a Work-at-Home Setting

As brands continue to migrate their CX delivery to work-at-home operations, we decided it might be time to check in with our leadership team and offer companies some advice for building a successful SmartVirtual™ operation. As Head of Operations at Activus Connect, Marc Robinson is responsible for maintaining operational efficiency throughout our entire SmartVirtual™ network. […]

Preparing for the Next Normal: How to Provide Great CX After COVID-19

Customer experience providers are not in Kansas anymore. The widespread trauma of COVID-19 has changed people at a visceral level, so CX delivery has to evolve to better serve the emotional needs of pandemic-era customers. Nearly everyone on Earth has been facing an unprecedented level of vulnerability and isolation brought about by forced quarantine and […]

Inspiring Forward: Warriors 4 Life Uses Cycling to Support Brave Veterans

Here at Activus Connect, we may be built on serving our clients and our Ambassadors, but we’re also dedicated to serving our communities and supporting local causes through corporate social responsibility. Our goal has always been to inspire forward and create a culture where, through many small actions, we can make a big difference in […]

Why It’s High Time Video Chat Reached Its Full Potential in CX Delivery

Post COVID-19, true omnichannel customer experience delivery is only possible with a robust video chat service offering. Successful digital connections now rely on face-to-face interaction more than ever before as people live with ongoing social restrictions. Here at Activus Connect, video chat has always been an element of our digital engagement strategy as part of […]

The SmartVirtual Approach to Ambassador Safety and Security

One of the most encouraging aspects of the COVID-19 crisis is that BPOs and CX providers are bending over backward to protect their teams. Whether they’re offering people the option to work from home, reducing in-center capacity to comply with social distancing rules, or implementing hand sanitizing stations and employee health checks, there’s no doubt […]