Courage, Honor, Commitment: Life as a Military Child, Parent, and Veteran

At Activus Connect, we are proud to highlight our honorable veterans and their impactful life experiences. This week, Wendy Davis, one of our Team Experience Coordinators, shares her incredible story of service in the Navy as a military parent. Early Years and Military Upbringing Wendy grew up in Los Angeles, California, but moved to Arkansas,

Shaping Integrity and Morals Through Two Generations of Military Life

At Activus Connect, we are proud to share our honorable Veterans and their families’ impactful experiences. Let’s kick things off with Ruth Sadler, one of our incredible new Ambassadors, to learn what it was like growing up with a parent who served in the military and then becoming a military parent herself. Early Life Lessons

Life at Activus: Safe, Stable Employment During Difficult Times

Stability is vital during these times of uncertainty, especially when it comes to your career. When the going gets tough, you need to know that your employer will support you. Here at Activus Connect, we do everything in our power to help our people stay safe, develop their careers, and feel like an essential part

Inspiring Forward: Promoting Worthy Causes at Activus Connect

During March, our Stress Busters Team took on the initiative of promoting various causes throughout the organization. We met with Nichole Osborn (NO), the Stress Busters Taskforce Chairperson, to talk more about this #InspiringForward initiative. AC: As Chairperson of the Stress Busters, what are some of your goals when deciding which activities to showcase? NO:

Life at Activus: For the Best Customer Experience, Make Connections

Great customer experience doesn’t always come naturally, but some are born to provide it. Rebecca “Peyton” Heitman is one of those people capable of listening to everyone and making them feel at ease. As fate would have it, her natural ability to serve others led her to a rewarding career in customer experience delivery at

International Women’s Day: Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

By Minerva Serrano I’m always looking for opportunities to coach and mentor others with entrepreneurial dreams, so when a colleague suggested I share my thoughts in conjunction with International Women’s Day, I jumped at the chance. Activus Connect is a certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) and Minority Business Enterprise (MBE). In just three years, we’ve

Career Stories: From New Recruit to Dream Job in Less than a Year

Opportunities for personal growth and career progression are significant at any company. Not only do they help attract great talent, but they also improve retention and overall team motivation. However, all too often, companies in the customer experience and BPO space fail to offer anything past the traditional agent-supervisor-manager track, which can deter high-quality candidates.

Why Virtual Employment is the Key to Building Greater Workforce Diversity

By Anthony Crutcher, CIO, Activus Connect Ask successful entrepreneurs about the importance of workforce diversity in creating a healthy business, and you will find a typical response: without it, you are limiting the firm’s potential. Building a diverse company isn’t just the right thing to do; it’s hugely beneficial to the bottom line. McKinsey &

How Customer Experience Careers Positively Impact Lives

When somebody mentions a career in contact centers, call centers, or customer experience services, what are the first thoughts that come to mind? Perhaps you imagine hundreds of employees crammed into cubicles taking calls from an offshore location. Maybe those employees have just left college or are “in between jobs” and aren’t fully committed. To