Inspiring Forward: Giving Back on the Streets of Chicago

When we think about giving back, most seek to give back to organizations or groups close to home. However, for Milley, giving back meant helping her community in some way or another. Thus, she went on a journey to help those who are less fortunate on these cold winter nights. We met with Milley Carmona […]

Who Ya Gonna Call? Stress Busters

When customers live in stressful times, the responsibilities of a contact center employee become far more challenging, leading to burnout extremely quickly. The contact center workforce is subject to name-calling, threats, and all sorts of irate customers on a daily basis, so customer experience providers have a direct responsibility to continuously help employees manage stress […]

Life at Activus: The Importance of Empathy in Times of Crisis

When people experience challenging times, the best kind of support comes from those who have shared those experiences and understand the difficult situation they’re facing. As an Ambassador at Activus Connect, Janelle Cuevas-Cruz works on one of our support programs answering incoming calls and assisting customers for a client in the financial services and lending […]

Inspiring Forward: Supporting One Another During Tough Times

Giving back can be as simple as sharing a meal with those around you or even lending a hand during tough times. We met with Nykia Durant (ND) to go over her day of giving experience giving back to those from her support group community, the MOB. AC: For your Day of Giving, what group […]

Inspiring Forward: Sharing Joy with Soldiers’ Angels

Christmas is a time to share joy and cheer to those around us by giving back and creating happy memories with them. We met with Mary Wirick (MW) to talk about her Day of Giving experience at Soldiers’ Angels and how she brought joy to a veteran family. AC: For your Day of Giving, what […]

Boosting Diversity and Inclusion with Solid CX Partnerships

Diversity is a major priority area for most businesses today, and with good reason. A recent study by McKinsey found that diverse companies are 35% more likely to outperform their competitors, while 67% of workers consider an employer’s diversity and inclusion model a deciding factor in their job hunt, according to Glassdoor. The prospects of […]

Rebuilding Employee Trust in the Customer Experience Industry

The wide-scale adoption of work-at-home in the CX and BPO industry is causing a negative ripple effect within the talent pool. Companies are promising flexibility and a better work-life balance, but failing to deliver on employee needs and expectations, leading many people to leave their jobs with a deep mistrust of the industry. When ex-BPO […]

Inspiring Forward: Giving back at Three Organizations

We can make a difference even through the smallest of gestures. On her Day of Giving, Sierra Young, wanted to make the biggest impact she could. Empowered to make a change, she visited not one, but three organizations. We met with Sierra Young (SY) to go over her Day of Giving experience at the Mid-South […]