Ambassador Experience

Life at Activus: Raising Twins at Home as a Full-Time Mom and Ambassador

Working at home has loads of well-documented benefits, but the best perk for many people is spending extra time with the family, something that Charlotte Cawthon, an Ambassador at Activus Connect, values immensely. Charlotte lives in Atlanta, Georgia, where she has fully embraced the work-at-home lifestyle. Her role as an Ambassador has allowed her to […]

Life at Activus: Home-Based Job Security and Flexibility Over 50

When it comes down to it, how many BPO and customer experience providers can offer flexible work schedules, secure positions in a growing company, and above-average living wages to people of all ages? Now, how many of those companies are able to offer all of that in a work-at-home, virtual environment, without compromising on CX […]

Life at Activus: Balancing Ph.D. Studies With Full-Time Remote Employment

In this new series of articles, we shine a spotlight on our Ambassadors and other essential team members as they share their personal stories and describe their experiences on the job with Activus Connect. Our first lucky contender is Sofia Alemany (25), a self-confessed workaholic and a human resources Ph.D. student based in Puerto Rico. […]

Virtual Work in Action: Reducing Risk with Work-From-Home CX

Today’s world faces extraordinary, uncontrollable situations on a regular basis, giving businesses more reason than ever to update their risk mitigation strategies.

Evolving weather patterns impact almost every country, earthquakes and tsunamis threaten densely populated areas, and now the human race faces the game-changing Coronavirus pandemic, which is already forcing most companies around the world to dramatically alter how they operate…

Are You Fit For The Dedicated Work-at-Home Lifestyle?

Almost everybody dreams of unshackling from the office and working from home full time, but few have what it takes to thrive in that virtual environment.

For many employees, working from home or telecommuting is often seen as a way to get some easy downtime, deliver the bare minimum, or simply sit around the house in your favorite onesie.

Dedicated work-at-home employment is different. While there is a high level of flexibility…