Need Loyal Brand Advocates? Elevate Experiences Through Technology

Customer and employee experiences define today’s brands. However, while great experiences result in loyalty and success, negative experiences can significantly damage a brand’s reputation. Plus, with more people worldwide working from home, maintaining high-quality experiences is more challenging as many organizations continue to adapt.

To deliver consistently satisfying customer and employee journeys, brands must strategically use today’s rapidly evolving remote working technologies. When choosing tools, companies need to balance human connections and digital transformation to elevate customer and employee experiences, resulting in loyal brand advocates, accelerated growth, and high praise from all directions.

Using our SmartVirtual™ platform as an example, let’s explore why an effective combination of technologies is essential for a work-at-home business to elevate experiences to new heights.

Designed from the ground up, SmartVirtual™ combines a suite of technologies that significantly enhance the customer experience (CX) by closing the gap between customers and our front-line, remote Ambassadors — the incredible people who represent Activus Connect and the brands we support.

Our Ambassador experience (AX) begins when a candidate first engages with us. During the recruitment process, we use predictive index tools to assess each candidate’s suitability for a career in work-at-home CX. As part of our SmartVirtual™ platform, these tools have helped us keep absenteeism and attrition levels far below the industry average because we focus on finding passionate, skilled industry experts ready to provide enriched CX through genuine human connection.

Part of providing a positive AX is ensuring the company’s technology facilitates day-to-day activities and helps employees create a sense of belonging while developing relationships with their peers. Persistent text chat and accessible video conferencing are some of the tools that offer people the opportunity to make meaningful personal connections from miles away.

Communication, transparency, and consistency are critical for building trust with customers and employees. Therefore, a brand’s core CX technologies must give remote workers access to all the information they need — and that customers expect — at a moment’s notice. For instance, combining digital training programs and product knowledge bases can make the difference between a great experience and a mediocre one.

Nonetheless, and rather than transforming without a purpose or goal, brands should continuously explore emerging trends in technology and consider how new solutions add value. By taking advantage of the opportunities at hand and enhancing the experiences they provide, companies will benefit their audience and stand a higher chance of creating loyal brand advocates.

As technologies continue to improve and evolve, so do customer journeys and employee experiences. By elevating AX and CX through technology, employees stay loyal to the brands they serve and pass on that enthusiasm to their customers, maximizing their lifetime value and creating passionate brand advocates inside and outside the company.

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