Enhancing Talent Acquisition Techniques through Employee Experience

Acquiring quality talent in today’s market is no easy task. Mass resignations, inflation, and rapidly evolving employee demands mean that HR leaders must continuously adapt their approach to talent acquisition.

With Talent Acquisition Day on the horizon, celebrating the critical role that talent acquisition agents play in the job sector, we wanted to look at how businesses can improve their hiring and recruitment techniques in this challenging ecosystem by focusing on employee experience.

Adapting to Employee Expectations

Work has become more nuanced and personalized, with employees expecting organizations to listen, learn, and identify their needs before building adaptive cultures and practices. As a result, companies must demonstrate their commitment to employees’ emotional, physical, social, and financial well-being through an enriched employee experience.

Furthermore, people now want to work with a company rather than for a company, so there’s an opportunity to move recruitment language away from “leadership” and towards “partnership”. This inclusive approach to employment is crucial to keeping employees engaged with their roles.

Virtual Techniques

By opening up work-at-home, remote opportunities, companies can attract brand ambassadors from an endless talent pool. However, designing and executing a compelling employee experience can be difficult when attempting virtual recruitment.

From the first interaction with a candidate, whether it’s an email, a phone call, or even an online job posting, organizations must find ways to elevate the experience for potential employees. For example, after receiving resumes from applicants, a sound filtering technique is to arrange a one-way video interview, in which the candidate sends a pre-recorded video of themselves answering some preliminary questions. Not only does this save time for talent acquisition agents, but it also allows candidates to express themselves and put their best foot forward.

The logical next step is to hold a one-on-one video call with the candidate, giving them all the information they need to decide if the organization, role, and company culture are a good fit.

Positive Journey to Success

At Activus Connect, we focus on setting up our new Ambassadors for success. Our talent acquisition and recruitment teams track down the most qualified people for the job, undergoing a thorough interview and selection process to discern the best fit for each role. If candidates are unsuccessful in their first application, we keep the Ambassador experience flowing by maintaining contact about new job openings or updates on existing positions.

We believe every step in an Ambassador’s journey should be positive, from recruitment and onboarding to training and, eventually, their day-to-day tasks. For example, on the training side, our coaches and trainers ensure that new Ambassadors are confident in their skills, happy with their training, and able to deliver a great customer experience when they get into production.

In our experience, by promoting a mindset of lifelong learning and helping workers find prosperity in their lives, companies can overcome their talent acquisition challenges and share in the success of their Ambassadors. It’s all about powering the future of work through human connections.