How Customer Experience Careers Positively Impact Lives

When somebody mentions a career in contact centers, call centers, or customer experience services, what are the first thoughts that come to mind?

Perhaps you imagine hundreds of employees crammed into cubicles taking calls from an offshore location. Maybe those employees have just left college or are “in between jobs” and aren’t fully committed.

To some extent, these perceptions are valid. Many contact center outsourcers still operate in low-cost offshore centers and deal with high attrition rates, which remain a consistent and real challenge for the industry.

So, what’s the alternative?

Clear your mind and forget about the busy office floor, the dead-end jobs, and the fresh-faced employees in different time zones. Instead, imagine a team of life-experienced professionals developing sustainable careers and earning a living wage safely from home in North America.

That’s not the future you’re imagining; it’s today. The new generation of customer experience careers is already here.

Modern Careers for a Changing World

Contact center outsourcing has evolved way beyond its traditional roots. People of all ages and backgrounds can now find gainful employment and rewarding careers in work-at-home customer experience delivery.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of people in the US helped customers remotely while advancing their personal growth. Since 2020, the virtual service delivery trend has permeated every corner of the CX industry, greatly expanding the national pool of potential candidates.

This new reality is a win-win for employers and candidates alike. Not only can we find exceptional talent from every corner of the continent, but talented people have better access to satisfying jobs that set them up for success.

One of the most attractive aspects of working within the customer experience industry today is flexibility. People can choose from various shifts that best suit their schedules, which is ideal when paired with work-at-home. For instance, our teams at Activus enjoy an attractive work-life balance and can choose between full-time, part-time, and flex shifts.

On top of that, working from a virtual home office means no more long commutes, flickering overhead lights, and cramped cubicles. With fewer distractions and more flexibility, virtual employees can focus on what matters: providing world-class customer experiences.

Transferable, Bankable Skills

When people join the customer experience industry, they develop valuable professional skills that have the power to enhance their careers.

The act of helping customers increases empathy, improves negotiation techniques, and enhances interpersonal skills. Working with multiple technologies, such as internal collaboration platforms, companion apps, or chatbots, helps build organization and multitasking skills, setting them up for whatever role they decide to pursue next.

After a certain amount of tenure or an impressive demonstration of high performance, customer experience agents can find tremendous growth opportunities. For instance, they might want to become team leaders, then move up to supervisors. From there, they could join the management team, even becoming executive leaders. The possibility for career growth is even more significant in a growing company like Activus Connect—did you know that our CEO, Felix Serrano, started his illustrious career taking calls?

Many contact center providers offer lateral promotions into sales, marketing, human resources, or operations for those with an aptitude for other business areas. Companies will often even provide internal training or certifications to people who want to develop these new skills, so there’s always a chance to learn and improve at every level.

Attractive Perks and Benefits

No matter where you live, contact center jobs are often grossly underpaid, barely meeting the national minimum wage in most cases. However, when you ditch the physical locations, you ditch the substantial operating costs, freeing up funds to pay better salaries and benefits.

Since the founding of the company in 2018, Activus Connect has been leading the services industry by providing well-paying US jobs that are 100% virtual. In return our Ambassador community consistently elevates the level of service our client’s customers receive. Our Activus Ambassadors are empowered to think and speak on behalf of the brands they represent. We expect them to be kind, compassionate, forward-thinking, problem-solvers, not just headsets in a warehouse.

On top of the better compensation, our Ambassadors get guaranteed paid time off, medical insurance, life insurance, 401K, access to daily earned pay, and even paid time off to volunteer in their local communities.

Activus Connect offers employment possibilities and career opportunities for everyone, from fresh graduates to industry veterans. When you join the Activus team, you’re not just another agent, rep, or number on a screen; you’re an Ambassador for the Activus brand and across our portfolio of premium companies doing important work. That’s why we hire experienced, resourceful people looking to build careers and positively impact lives from the comfort of their home offices.

For us, positively impacting lives means elevating experiences across all aspects of our business; with our Ambassador Community, clients and as volunteers within the local communities in which we work. By living and breathing our core values—passion, integrity, respect, authenticity, and fun. We pride ourselves on transparency and expertise as we help brands transform customers into loyal brand advocates.

When you put all that together—the attractive salaries, the professional growth opportunities, the flexibility, the collaborative culture, and the chance to help people—you’re starting to see precisely how life-changing a job in CX can be.

So, now when somebody mentions a career in customer experience services, what are the first thoughts that come to mind?