Balancing Work and Wellness: 3 Ways to Maintain a Healthy WFH Lifestyle

Working from home (WFH) has a ton of benefits and perks, like skipping the morning commute and choosing your work wardrobe, but we also have to be mindful of challenges, especially when it comes to our health.

Without the natural movement of a day spent in the office—walking to meetings, taking lunch breaks outside—you might find yourself sitting for way too long, snacking more than you should, and blurring the line between work time and downtime.

A Standford study showed that remote workers sit more and exercise less than their office-based peers, which can lead to less-than-great health outcomes, like increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, and mental fog. So, it’s vital to incorporate regular exercise, mindful eating, and mental health breaks that can boost your productivity and make you happier and healthier in the long run.

But how do you keep the balance in favor of wellness when your home doubles as your office? The trick is to set boundaries, make a plan, and stick to it.

Here, we share some practical tips to keep you moving, eating well, and feeling great when working at home.

1 – Prioritize Self-Care

No, we don’t mean endless bubble baths and foot massages (although they can make life even better); self-care means setting up a daily routine that prioritizes your health.

One trick is to schedule exercise and workouts like they’re important meetings. Whether it’s a few push-ups in your living room or a brisk walk during lunch, getting your heart rate up can do wonders for your mood and energy levels.

Next, let’s talk about diet. Working from home means your kitchen is just steps away, which can be both a blessing and a curse. Try planning your meals ahead of time to avoid the inevitable lure of the snack cupboard. Stock up on fruits, veggies, and healthy snacks to make good choices easier.

And don’t neglect sleep, our natural superpower. Creating a wind-down routine before bed can help signal to your brain that it’s time to nod off, improving the quality of your rest. Keep your bedroom cool, dark, and tech-free for the best sleep environment.

2 – Unplug, Take Breaks, and Embrace Nature

In this always-on digital world, screens can sometimes feel like our closest companions, especially when working from home. But non-stop scrolling and back-to-back Zoom meetings can leave you feeling drained, stressed, and a bit like a zombie.

Studies have shown that too much screen time can zap your energy, mess with your sleep, and even make you feel more anxious or depressed. Luckily, the antidote is more simple than you might think: step away from your devices regularly. Schedule “no-screen” breaks when you avoid screens several times a day. And no peeking at work messages during dinner or before you hit the sack—those emails will still be there in the morning.

Spending time outdoors can also lower stress, improve your mood, and even boost creativity. Whether it’s a quick walk around the block, a lunchtime picnic in the park, or a weekend hike, getting outside can help you recharge and reset. Even if you’re city-bound, find some green space to soak up some vitamin D and fresh air.

By setting tech boundaries and making nature a regular part of your routine, you’ll give your mind and body a much-needed break. Plus, you’ll come back to your desk refreshed, more focused, and ready to tackle whatever’s next.

3 – Create a Productive, Positive WFH Environment

Along with a focus on mental and physical well-being, your WFH work environment plays a big part in your overall health. Carving out a spot in your home just for work only takes a small amount of thought and organization but has far-reaching benefits for your success.

Make sure your workspace is comfortable and has everything you need, like a good chair and decent lighting. Even adding a plant or some fun decorations can boost your mood and creativity. And try to avoid paying bills or playing games at your desk; keep things work-related to tell your brain it’s time to focus.

If you’re an entrepreneur, setting small, achievable goals throughout the day can help to keep your momentum up. And don’t forget to celebrate those wins (maybe with one of those bubble baths we mentioned earlier).

For those of us who work with a team of SmartVirtual Ambassadors, communication with your team is super important. Regular check-ins via video call or messaging apps can keep you feeling connected, make teamwork smoother, and maybe even result in some lifelong friends along the way.

By creating a space that’s all about work, getting away from screens, finding time for exercise, eating well, sleeping better, and keeping in touch with others, you can maximize the benefits of a WFH career while keeping your wellness in check.