Inspiring Forward: Supporting One Another During Tough Times

Giving back can be as simple as sharing a meal with those around you or even lending a hand during tough times. We met with Nykia Durant (ND) to go over her day of giving experience giving back to those from her support group community, the MOB.

AC: For your Day of Giving, what group did you give back to?

ND: I gave back to the MOB group. It’s my online mom support group on Facebook. We are a community of moms just trying to help each other out.

AC: Can you tell us a bit more about the MOB Group?

ND: Yes, it’s a group where we ask each other parenting questions, give advice, we also do a cash app pot during the holidays for families in our group who are in need or we adopt a family or a child and help out that way. That is just a small part of what we are. We are just moms trying to help each other.

AC: What motivated you to start this support group?

ND: I didn’t start it; I was added to the group by my sister and it was an amazing support system. People think parenting is easy and moms are superwomen who can do it all and feel nothing in the morning. This group gives us the freedom to vent and cry and laugh and help others. Because we have all been there, we all understand and if we can’t help financially, we always want you to feel like you’re not alone.

AC: How was your experience while giving back? What did you do?

ND: It was great. My original plan was for me to drive to the moms’ houses and drop off masks and a hot plate, but I ended up getting in an accident and fracturing my ankle. I was calling to cancel and apologize but when I talked to my first mom and she told me how the kids were really looking forward to it. It broke my heart so instead I invited the moms and kids over to get a hot meal and some mask and talk. I did it for dinner and breakfast two families at a time to be safe. We ate, sat, and talked and the moms from the breakfast meeting stayed to help me prepare food for the dinner families; it was really nice.

AC: What would you say to encourage others to participate or join the MOB?

ND: Giving day was good. I truly enjoyed giving back. I am blessed to have a job during the pandemic, but a lot of families out there are struggling right now, a lot of single moms and I just wanted to help. There was a point where I was 7 months pregnant at the start of the pandemic, I couldn’t work nor get a baby shower and they gave me SOOO much when I was in need. I’m glad I can give back. As for joining the MOB its woman only (sorry guys) and if you are a mom and you need a family come join us on Facebook! We will be happy to help, it’s a judgment free zone so come we got your back.

AC: Lastly, is there anything you’d like to tell our readers before we go?  

ND: Giving back…Never Judge and don’t give just to make yourself feel better, give because you don’t know how much a little can mean a lot to someone.