Inspiring Forward: Sharing Joy with Soldiers’ Angels

Christmas is a time to share joy and cheer to those around us by giving back and creating happy memories with them.

We met with Mary Wirick (MW) to talk about her Day of Giving experience at Soldiers’ Angels and how she brought joy to a veteran family.

AC: For your Day of Giving, what organization did you volunteer for?

MW: I volunteered at Soldiers’ Angels.

Can you tell us a bit about the organization?

MW: Soldiers’ Angels assist soldiers and veterans; in this case I was packing a box of Christmas gifts for a family who’s a single mom. She was a veteran with PTSD and is having trouble getting the kids things for Christmas. Nonetheless, Soldiers’ Angels also do postcards letters and other things to help the community.

Was this your first-time volunteering there?

MW: Yes, it was my first time.

Are there any requirements for volunteers?

MW: There are no requirements for volunteering, However, there is an administrative fee and a 3-month commitment to the organization.

What motivated you to volunteer there?

MW: I have family that have served, and I know that PTSD and other issues soldiers face can cause a need for help and they don’t always look for it when they need it.

How was your experience while volunteering? What did you do?

MW: I made Christmas cards and packed a box of gifts be sent out to the family. I enjoyed it but I had to stop myself from overspending my budget on the kids because I would love to send them more things, but I need to be realistic on what I can afford to send.

What would you say to encourage others to participate?

MW: It’s worth time if not money to help someone in need; hands up rather than handouts, it makes you feel better and lifts the spirits of those you help.

Lastly, is there anything you’d like to tell our readers before we go?  

MW: Even the little things matter when helping someone out. A Christmas card or birthday card can mean so much to someone who is dealing with life’s downs.