Inspiring Forward: Mixing Fun Activities with a Spark of Perseverance

We were thrilled to engage with Jennifer Flannery (JF) a dedicated member of the Girl Scout community. She passionately fosters a love for enjoyable camping experiences among her daughters and other girls, guiding them on a journey toward personal growth.

AC: What organization or local cause did you volunteer for?

JF: I volunteered with Girl Scouts.

AC: Can you please provide an overview of their mission?

JF: Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.

AC: Was this your first time volunteering for this organization or cause? Please elaborate.

JF: I have been a Leader of Girl Scout troops for over 10 years.

AC: Where there any requirements for this type of volunteerism?

JF: To volunteer, you must be 18 years old, pass a background check, and take some basic online training. One person at every meeting/activity must be CPR and First Aid trained.

AC: Why did you choose to volunteer here for your Day of Giving?

JF: I volunteer for Girl Scouts because I have two daughters and I want them to have opportunities to learn new skills, build their knowledge, and make the world a better place.

AC: Can you tell us about your volunteer experience? What did you do? Did your time volunteering meet your expectations?

JF: During this day of giving, we set up camp, made smores, and sang songs. This was some of the girls’ first-time camping, so they learned how to work together to set up camp (tent, wash/cleaning station, food prep, fire ring, etc.). The next day we participated in the Great Lake Allatoona Clean up.

AC: What would you like to share to encourage others to volunteer their time and energy locally?

JF: Volunteering does not have to be a long commitment. Non-profit organizations constantly need help and support in many different areas (i.e., making calls, setting up events/booths, networking, etc.). Volunteering does not just help the community. It can help you improve your mood and reduce stress and anxiety. Volunteering can help you make friends, learn new skills, advance your career, and even feel happier and healthier.

AC: Are there any links to the organization, additional educational resources, etc. that you would like to share?

JF: Love that I was able to help girls grow life skills.