Inspiring Forward: Empowering the Next Generation through Education

We met with Isabel G Guido (IG) who brings engaging and educational lessons to young children, aiming to ignite their passion for continuous learning. Additionally, she plays a key role in maintaining the library’s cleanliness and organization.

AC: What organization or local cause did you volunteer for?

IG: I volunteered for my local library in the children’s section.

AC: Can you please provide an overview of their mission?

IG: Hickory Library’s mission is to promote a high quality of life by providing empowering opportunities and excellent service.

AC: Was this your first time volunteering for this organization or cause? Please elaborate.

IG: This was my first time volunteering in this library, I have volunteered for other libraries previously.

AC: Where there any requirements for this type of volunteerism?

IG: To volunteer at the library the requirements were to fill out a form, be at least 16 years old, and be willing to pass a background check.

AC: Why did you choose to volunteer here for your Day of Giving?

IG: I chose to be a volunteer at the local library because I believe it inspires young children and it also improves their reading, I also enjoy the special time with children.

AC: Can you tell us about your volunteer experience? What did you do? Did your time volunteering meet your expectations?

IG: I had an awesome time volunteering at the library because I got to meet the staff and I got to learn about different areas of the library and a little about their role, I had the chance to read to a group of children a couple of bilingual books, and I also monitored fun assessments that were given to the children about the books I previously read to them, I also helped the staff organizing returned books and keeping the areas clean and restocked. I have to say volunteering at my local library met my expectations.

AC: What would you like to share to encourage others to volunteer their time and energy locally?

IG: I would encourage other adults to volunteer at their local library because it can help improve the services by expanding support for routine tasks and helping out with special library projects, by reading a simple book to children. it means we are building a better future for our community.

AC: Is there anything else that you would like to share about your experience?

IG: I enjoyed my time spent, and I also learned that I could acquire new skills and gain valuable work experience such as not being afraid to speak to a group of people.