Inspiring Forward: Discovering Nature with the Girl Scouts of Atlanta

We met with Jennifer Flannery (JF) to go over her Day of Giving experience volunteering at Atlanta’s Girl Scout Camp.

AC: What organization or local cause did you volunteer for?

JF: I volunteered for a week at Girl Scout Camp Sassafras.

AC: Can you please provide an overview of their mission?

JF: The Girl Scouts’ mission is to build girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.

AC: Was this your first time volunteering for this organization or cause? Please elaborate.

JF: No, this was my fourth year volunteering a week of my time at Camp Sassafras. Thus far, I have volunteered with Girl Scouts for 8 years.

AC: Were there any requirements for this type of volunteerism?

JF: Yes, in order to volunteer with Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta, you must register, pay for an Adult Girl Scout membership, and pass a background check.

AC: Why did you choose to volunteer here for your Day of Giving?

JF: It was the camp’s 1st time back after missing 2 years due to Covid-19. I knew they needed all the help they could get since it runs on volunteers. I love being able to help girls get out in nature and learn to enjoy their surroundings and discover new things. The excitement they have is uplifting and inspirational.

AC: Can you tell us about your volunteer experience? What did you do? Did your time volunteering meet your expectations?

JF: This year I decided to spend my week at the Canoe and Kayaking area. I had to take an additional training class in small crafts in order to volunteer. During the class, I had to demonstrate my ability to swim 25+yards, swamp a canoe & kayak, and be able to rescue someone from the water safely. During camp, we taught the girls the basics including how to safely get in and out, how to hold the paddle, and how to row & steer. Once the girls were all in a vessel, we would watch and play games with them, so they could gain experience and knowledge.

AC: What would you like to share to encourage others to volunteer their time and energy locally?

JF: Volunteering doesn’t only help the organization, but it can also help your mental and emotional well-being too. It is very rewarding knowing you took your time to help and probably even made someone smile. Your time volunteering can vary depending on your availability. There are so many opportunities to volunteer, whether it’s physically being there or using your time to make phone calls to get support. See how you can make a difference in yourself and your community.

AC: Is there anything else that you would like to share about your experience?

JF: My week was very exhausting (both physically and mentally), but every day was well worth it knowing the girls had a chance to try something new or become better at an activity they love.