Blending High Tech and High Touch, A New CX BPO Is Launched at Genesys Xperience 19

Even as companies in the contact center and “CX” industry continue to push self-service, chatbots, social messaging apps and “automation” that enable machines to do the work of traditional agents, a new Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company based in Orlando, Florida was introduced in Denver, Colorado at Genesys’ annual global gathering, Xperience 19.

“We love the idea of fundamentally disrupting this industry through the use of technology enablement and mature, life-experienced Ambassadors. There is no reason, with the advent of cloud-enabled solutions, that our industry can’t provide living wage jobs and cost competitive domestic solutions”, said Felix Serrano, co-founder & CEO of Activus Connect, which is now emerging from stealth mode.

“There’s a new art and science we believe in,” Serrano said, “and we’re taking the best-of technologies and integrating them into a platform that is 100% designed to enable brand-voice and consistently great interactions for businesses, and brands that understand the value elevating each Customer Experience. In doing our homework before standing up our platform and infrastructure, we learned time and time again that our customers wanted to deliver personal and authentically human conversations, even as they also adopt automation and AI, especially when it comes to high-value offerings and building loyal & long-standing customer relationships.”

“We’ve all experienced the benefits that come with positive, helpful and kind interactions,” Minerva Serrano (the company’s CFO) explained. “Why not create, with the help of technology and connectivity advances, a company based on mature, life-experienced professionals, working remotely and enabled by the best available technologies.  A truly different type of customer engagements business, one in which “elevating experiences” starts with how we treat our team members and ultimately extends to the amazing treatment we provide to our customers and their customers”.

Activus’ intense focus on human factors is balanced with a serious investment in the latest cloud-based ecosystem of technology partners, including Genesys (PureCloud) and CustomerView (a big data analytics platform which has been integrated into three Genesys solutions (PureCloud, PureEngage, and PureConnect).

Activus has also established a best-of-bread, high availability, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure to deliver a secure cloud-based desktops and mobile applications to Ambassadors geographically located across the globe.  Understanding that clients have varying technology preferences, Activus has designed a fully encapsulated Bring Your Own Device & End Point USB solution that addresses hardware preferences for customers across all verticals.

This woman and minority owned, and operated business is being built by a team of industry veterans, pioneers in what is known as the “remote base or work from home” service delivery model.  “We believe this is a significant distinction in a market places full of premise based BPOs who largely see remote based support as a simple extension of their site-based operations.  Experience tells us that virtual-based organizations require specific skill sets and expertise to delivery consistently great outcomes, said Felix Serrano, Activus CEO.

“This is a perfect time to build new business models and environments where all people can feel better about where they work and what they do, which is reflected in how they serve others,” Felix Serrano said in the company’s press release. “Technology enables us to offer truly dedicated, naturally kind, creative and intelligent people to ‘answer the call’ and represent companies for whom keeping customers happy and engaged is part of their mission, and ability to remain relevant and positioned to grow in an increasingly competitive world.”

“As excited as we are about working with state-of-the art technology and connectivity partners,” Minerva Serrano said, “what makes our new company different is that we’re using this technology to bring joyful career opportunities to our team, while bringing kind and meaningful conversations to our clients and their customers. Making a profound difference by creating businesses with a sense of social purpose, supporting the communities we work in, and non-profit organizations to advance their missions, is an honor we take very seriously. We believe this kind of culture and company is the future of work, of business and of lives well lived at a scale we couldn’t have imagined a decade ago. We’re marrying innovation & human experiences in way not seen in our industry.

The company is being introduced at Genesys Xperience 19, a conference and expo being held in Denver June 10 – 13.

Felix Serrano will be sharing the story of their collaboration with Genesys (PureCloud) and CustomerView illustrating how their integration with both company’s technologies leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning-based behavior analytics to enable what Activus Connect calls Smart Virtual™.

“As customer experience continues to evolve, organizations must adapt and learn how to harness new technology in compelling ways. Activus is giving brands yet another way to build valuable, lasting relationships by leveraging the Genesys Customer Experience Platform,” said Paul Rolfe, vice president of global partners and alliances for Genesys. “We’re thrilled that Activus chose Xperience19 to come out of stealth mode – it’s the perfect event for this exciting launch.”

“Rarely do we come across visionaries like Felix and Minerva in the CX industry,” said Joe Galvin, founder and CEO of CustomerView. “When we learned about their vision to go beyond traditional cloud contact center and work-at-home approaches, we saw the potential to help them and their customers understand what great looks like. It’s one thing to offer amazing ambassadors who deliver the highest level of service, and another thing to prove it, which is what our platform does. In addition, we are supporting their culture of coaching and encouragement, training and development, which enhances experiences across the board as our Conversational Behavioral Analytics dramatically reduces time spent collecting, analyzing and creating big data insights so time can be spent being more human.”

Originally published by CustomerZone360