An Interview With Co-Founder And CEO Of Activus Connect, Felix Serrano

We spoke with the co-founder and CEO of Activus Connect, a start-up BPO in the contact center space, who launched their company this month at the Genesys Xperience 19 event.

Q: What makes Xperience19 the perfect event for this exciting launch?

A: Xperience19 is the customer event of the year. This event covers an exciting and emerging technologies that have capability to disrupt the current trends. Moreover, it allows to engage with customers and peers and gives an overview of customer experience. The schedule of the event and timings matches with the launch and help us to gather real time feedback.

Q: Why did you choose Customer View to support Activus Connect?

A: Customer View’s technology is state of the art. They have a unique AI-based platform which enables us to understand in great detail how our ambassadors are interacting with customers, and how they are able to resolve problems quickly, and do so in a friendly and efficient manner. Activus takes customer service and experience management to new heights by providing the ambassadors who represent the brands with the information and insights they can use to delight customers with every interaction, and this is made possible through our collaboration with CustomerView – and Genesys.

Q: How would you describe the experience of working with CustomerView and Genesys?

A: Working with CustomerView and Genesys has been a true pleasure, and the opportunity for us to lead and innovate with two world-class companies is a reflection of our commitment to build the best organization in the industry. We are passionate about combining positive human energy and talent with the most intelligent software and advanced cloud-based platform. We had a dream to build a unique company and culture that brands will love to work with because they know their customers will be treated with great professionalism and kindness. With CustomerView’s behavioural analytics and quality assurance automation capabilities, we can truly understand ‘What Great Looks Like’. And, we have the tools and information to continuously deliver our brand commitment ‘Elevating Experiences’ that deepen loyalty and differentiate brands that value the role great people play in representing their products and services.”

Q: Your integration with the Genesys PureCloud application leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning-based behavioral analytics – is that correct?

A: Yes. The advanced analytics platform leverages AI for Behavioral Analytics across all Voice, Messaging, Web and Social Media Channels. As customer experience continues to evolve, organizations must adapt and learn how to harness new technology in compelling ways. Activus is giving brands yet another way to build valuable, lasting relationships by leveraging the Genesys PureCloud platform.

Originally published by SuperbCrew