News Release

Activus Connect is named a Great Place to Work® for Third Consecutive Year

Activus Connect is pleased to share that we are Great Place to Work-Certified™. Certification is a significant achievement, which Activus Connect is proud to have earned for the third consecutive year. This year, 86% of employees said it’s a great place to work – 29 points higher than the average U.S. company. What makes a Activus Connect is named a Great Place to Work® for Third Consecutive Year

Quick Tips for Boosting Productivity in a Home Working Space

Working from home is fast becoming the new normal for people facing Coronavirus lockdowns around the world, presenting significant challenges for traditional, office-based companies that are forced to adapt.

There is good news: research shows that flexibility around home working initiatives results in increased productivity, happier workers, and all the associated organizational benefits…

Work-at-Home is the Only Solution for Managing CX During COVID

This is not the time for any company or executive to be vaunting the superiority of their respective solutions or service offerings. The world as we have known it has changed markedly over the past two months. March has been a blur. No contact center professional has slept well since the outset of COVID. They know that business-as-usual simply…

And Just Like That, The Weather Is Tipping The Customer Experience Scale

Just before Thanksgiving, as we were winding down for turkey day, I flipped by the Weather Channel and thought – oh, wow, looks like a significant weather pattern is forecasted to sweep the US. Thanksgiving into Black Friday and over the weekend, national news outlets highlighted snow accumulations, cancelled flights, stranded cars, etc, etc. Today, And Just Like That, The Weather Is Tipping The Customer Experience Scale

Insurance Companies Need a Strong Dose of Conversational Analytics

Scenario 1: Customer calls into the contact center have increased by 150% in the past few days. The weather channel is spewing out hurricane facts like an overheated computer. Insurance Company management notes the deluge in calls but doesn’t see the correlation. Sales are decreasing, new policy quotes are declining, conversion rates have all but evaporated, and revenue for the day is abysmal. Precious resources…

An Interview with the Women at Activus Connect

We believe in encouraging and empowering others to be the best version of themselves, especially to help women pursue their dreams and ambitions when it comes to their careers. With three wonderful women on our team, we saw this as an opportunity to write about them and their life decisions. Decisions that led them on their path to get to where they are…

I Started a New Company! My Journey to Women and Minority Business Ownership

I was born and raised in Venezuela and at the age of 16, I moved to the US to attend university. As English wasn’t my first language, I began my course work at Aurora Community College, later transferring to the University of Colorado at Denver (CU) where I ultimately graduated with my Master of Science in Finance.
As far back as I can remember, I have always been self-directed, driven and assertive…