The Future Of CX Delivery: A Perfect Combination of Great Technologies, Integrations and Above All People

Lexus is one of the legendary brands who built their reputation around not only their cars, but the personalized, friendly service they provide along with their extensive warranties and responsive maintenance offering.

Stepping back, every Lexus vehicle has parts sourced from different manufacturers, which are selected based on quality and consistency, and integrated into each new vehicle, making each generation of cars better than the last – and competitive as the automotive industry continues to innovate.

Lexus designers and engineers are passionate about understanding what is next – electric vehicles, connected vehicles, with communications and safety technologies built in.

Even their factories are made better with technology, as robotics and analytics ensure precision, and luxury finishes are made economically possible, leading to a more beautiful dashboard and driving experience.

But Lexus would not be successful without talented people, committed to their brand promise, enthusiastic about their standards, and energized by the opportunity to be part of the Lexus culture.

We look at the future of CX in a similar way, inspired by companies like Lexus, and empowered by our own partner ecosystem, which we have been building together with other legendary companies like Genesys, as well as breakthrough innovators and disrupters like CustomerView, Dizzion & RapidCyber.

Earlier this year, when we launched Activus Connect, we did so at the annual customer and partner event hosted by Genesys, and the response we received from hundreds of industry professionals we shared our story with was exhilarating. Why?

While every person at that event was deeply aware of the shifts underway – with cloud contact centers, communications platforms as a service, APIs enabling multiple companies to bring different capabilities together, the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) and more – what brought us together more than anything was the belief that when technology enables human beings to be better at what they do, we all win.

We have built a state-of-the-art CX platform designed to support our customers, and the ambassadors we bring those customers in order to create consistently great interactions, and the most positive business outcomes. As Lexus understands its mission is not just to move people from point A to point B, but to make the experience of buying a car, driving that car, and enjoying all the luxuries new technologies afford so incredible that those Lexus customers are customers for life.

As we continue to curate combinations of things – including combinations of the best cloud services, connectivity networks, workflow and productivity applications, call recording and voice transcription features, AI and NLP – we remind ourselves every working day that our team is orchestrating all this to ultimately make the experience of two human beings interacting as pleasant and productive as possible.

We are making sure our platform allows customers to choose their channel, and are working across voice, chat, social, web, self-service, and more. Our experiences are mobile optimized for all (customers, ambassadors and coaches) and are the opposite of traditional “contact center” applications including those dated toll-free numbers, frustrating IVRs, and disparate systems which make it nearly impossible to deliver quality at scale.

We never stop fine-tuning everything we do – retesting it, making sure the “human experience” is awesome for all, and remaining committed to constantly improving what we are offering as we learn and as our ecosystem partners evolve.

Our vision for the future of CX builds on analyzing which conversational behaviors work best, and can bring insights to our ambassadors and our customers that will only enrich CX – where technology and people come together to make products and services more satisfying, and to help build epic brands, able to compete consistently through great conversations with their customers.

We love the Lexus tagline: “Experience Amazing.”

It aligns perfectly with our own: “Elevating Experiences.”

We’d love to take you on a test drive of our platform and plans for the future of CX – contact us and we’ll make it happen!