The Beauty of Local, Mobile Customer Service: Experience Matters

Customer experience has become central to many mobile service providers and telecommunication companies – all of them working to differentiate themselves from their competition by aiming to be more customer-centric than the next.

Customer Experience Management (CXM) spans all interactions between service providers and subscribers: retail shop, e-commerce, buying new applications and services, paying bills, and troubleshooting.

As smartphones and tablets continue to evolve and become more complex, mobile service providers are progressively improving customer loyalty, and the contact center, or “experience center” is a perfect way to create, deliver and measure great customer experiences.

Mobile service providers – whether large and national – or smaller and regional – are rolling out  self-service support tools, experimenting with automated IVR systems, and outsourcing to international contact centers – but are finding that in many cases, the “cost-savings” programs lead to longer calls, multiple-call instead of first call resolution, a decline in satisfaction scores, and general frustration among their customers.

At Activus Connect, we pride ourselves in giving our best in customer experience regardless of the size of the business we are servicing, and although the needs of each business may vary, our suite of purpose-built solutions are designed to achieve optimal customer outcomes. Activus has the tools required to meet any clients’ needs, and with the right combination of people and advanced technology are able to do so on a local, regional or national level depending on what works best for our clients.

To do so, we hire experienced Ambassadors in their respective service territories who can speak your brands’ voice. They are multi-lingual and local to the region, so they are better equipped to understand both the business’ and customers’ requirements.

We give them the flexibility to work remotely from home, full-time, part-time, or flex-time in ways that provide more effective staffing. Not only does this reduce costs but also boosts agent job satisfaction, provides the solution to situational scaling depending on the capacity with clients’ marketing-driven activity for seasonal volumes and supports local communities by creating more jobs in their service territories which is extremely important to us.

As our Ambassadors are located across multiple time zones, we also cast a geographic safety net for the brands we represent. For example, we all see the news – blizzards, fires, flooding, earthquakes – no longer does a client need to be concerned about what they should do if a natural or unnatural disaster occurs in the location that they service.

Consumers have made it clear that businesses everywhere need to think about how they are interacting with their customers based on customer expectations.

As the customer experience plane grows and evolves, personalization is key. The level of customer care that is expected by the customer is now too much for a single Ambassador to handle on their own, which is where innovative artificial intelligence (AI) solutions are so important.

AI will never replace humans altogether; in reality, AI only enhances the Ambassador’s performance and is making human-to-human CX interactions more efficient, productive, improving sales, and elevating experiences. This includes delivering information in real time to the Ambassador so he or she can serve the customer faster and better, and in the case of mobile subscribers, solve their problems “on the spot” – with first call resolution, and data that is captured and used to ensure every other experience is equally as great.

We are also proud of the fact that the way we hire, and train regionally creates employment opportunities for individuals, supporting families within the communities our clients serve.

Delivering a better, more local, more mobile and more personal experience, when designed correctly using the latest technology, can reduce costs while improving outcomes for subscribers and service providers.

Better treatment means lower churn, and more flexible, lower cost services from companies like ours means better returns for shareholders.

Local – mobile – personal – affordable – awesome!