New Independence and Memory Care provides a free voice service that allows seniors and caregivers to learn more about senior living services. They established their contact center to provide information on how to find senior living centers, information about paying for senior care, and how to find support for seniors.

Seniors and their families and friends use the senior helpline to find caregiving assistance, including in-home senior care, live-in nursing services and hospice care providers.

Caregivers, loved ones and seniors searching for assisted living options can also access a nationwide directory of hospice care, memory care, skilled nursing centers, and other forms of assisted living for seniors.

The helpline also provides information about independent living options in the caller’s area, including active senior apartments, continuing care retirement communities, and lifestyle communities. They also help seniors locate specialized senior living communities, including golf retirement, senior co-op housing, or luxury senior apartments.

Questions they commonly receive include:

  • What are the senior living options near me?
  • How much does senior living cost?
  • Does Medicare or Medicaid cover senior living?
  • What senior living options exist?
  • How do I pay for senior living?
  • Where do I sign up for senior housing in my community?
  • How do I find affordable senior living services?
  • How old do I have to be for senior living to apply to me?
  • What are the different types of retirement communities in my city or state?
  • What should I expect when signing a contract for senior living services?

Advisors have been trained to listen and identify each caller’s most pressing need.

With innovations today in technology that can be provided to families, once older adults have settled into a new apartment, condo or home, those who may be suffering from memory loss can be provided special communications tools – bracelets, smartphones, and more – that enable immediate contact with that person, and location-based tracking.

These new services are growing as quickly as the population is aging, given that the new generation of aging individuals wants independence more than ever, even as they confront cognitive decline. The same can be said for their caregivers – they want the person they are caring for to have as much independence as possible – and practical – until longer-term care may be required in a specialized facility.

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