Life at Activus: The Perfect Opportunity for a Seasoned Virtual Professional

One of the best things about being a 100% SmartVirtual™ company is the freedom to employ people in any location. We’ve been able to attract talented individuals from all walks of life with a diverse range of professional backgrounds.

Angie Dixon, our Administrative Assistant, is one of those people. Angie grew up in New York City and was a pre-med student as an undergraduate. When her studies were cut short by an unexpected family emergency, her life took a different turn.

An Unexpected Path

“I had to drop everything to take care of my Dad,” she explained. “He had open-heart quadruple bypass surgery and needed me around. When he thankfully started to recover, I took over some of his investment work and learned the business, which led me into the world of finance.”

When Angie started investing, she got her first taste of the remote working lifestyle. It was something she could do from anywhere in New York without being constrained to a nine-to-five, giving her the flexibility to be there for her father.

After moving to Dallas, Texas in her late twenties, Angie continued her investment work with a local company, but without living the remote lifestyle she was accustomed to.

“I started there as an investment educator, but when the company got bought out, I decided not to stick around,” she said. “I did meet my husband there, so it was worth it in the end.”

A few years later, with a small family in tow, Angie moved again to North Orlando, Florida, where she lives and works today. Together with her husband, after working for other investment education companies, they started freelancing to offer their expertise and services to companies that aligned with their values. This allowed them work from home doing what they loved while still being engaged in the finance business.

Long story short, the husband and wife team found themselves living a 100% remote lifestyle, which was a great introduction when Angie came into the role at Activus Connect.

Finding a New Role Under Pressure

Like many of us, Angie was adversely affected by the pandemic, forcing her and her family to adapt quickly.

“When COVID-19 arrived, a lot of our stock market contracts were frozen, so I was looking to get back into something with a consistent schedule and a good level of flexibility,” she said. “A friend at my bible study group mentioned an opportunity at Activus Connect, and when I found out it was a virtual company, I jumped at the chance to apply.”

The position was brand new for Activus, and for Angie, but with her diverse background and her ability to adapt quickly, she was the perfect fit.

“Everything just clicked from one day to the next,” she said. “When I used to deal with investments, things would change on a daily basis, so it was always exciting. Activus is very similar in that regard. Every week is a different week, and the various projects that I’ve been working on have been fun and challenging so far.”

Along with her administrative duties, Angie has been involved with the AX (Ambassador Experience) support team, helping them focus on important tasks by taking other jobs off their plates. She also helps in the back office, gathering information for Ambassadors quickly when they need it, filling out applications, sharing information on training courses, or dealing with general operational issues.

Her goal, she says, is to enhance everybody’s experiences at Activus and make friends along the way.

“When you’re not interacting with people in the flesh, you have to figure out how to create a collaborative virtual working environment, which is not always easy,” she said. “Personally, I like to follow up on Ambassador requests, communicate on a first-name basis, and provide them with a familiar voice as it really helps us to engage on a human level, strengthening camaraderie throughout the entire team.”

Embracing the SmartVirtual™ Culture

In her role at Activus, Angie especially enjoys the flexibility of being able to take breaks when she needs to, as well as being at home for those important moments in life.

“My home office is my own little sanctuary where I can escape from my children,” she laughed. “Jokes aside, we’re homeschooling our kids so it’s great to have them just down the hall where I can help with their studies or just grab a quick hug. Also, thanks to the flexibility of my work I never miss any “first” moments with our nine-month-old baby. It’s so refreshing to have a job that doesn’t interrupt life.”

Along with raising a family at home, Angie sells her arts and crafts online, with a small business in card making and printmaking, so the extra time she gets back from the lack of commuting or forced overtime is a plus.

“Working at Activus is a real blessing that has allowed me to earn a decent salary without disrupting my virtual lifestyle,” she said. “I can do my job, I can put 110% into my work, and I can still be a mom, all at once. What more could I ask for?”.