Life at Activus: Swimming, Surfing, and Studying on a Full-Time Livable Wage

There was a time when working, studying, and enjoying life to the fullest were almost impossible to juggle all at once, but with the advent of widespread remote work, people are beginning to realize there’s a better way to achieve an acceptable work-life balance.

Marcos Castro, 26, is part of the Activus Connect human resources team in Puerto Rico. Since joining the company in May 2020, Marcos has been enjoying the freedom and flexibility that comes with a SmartVirtual™ career, giving him time to pursue his dream future.

We sat down with Marcos to discuss his role, his personal ambitions, and his views on Activus Connect to give people a chance to learn about life at the company.

Background and Personal Life

Before joining Activus, Marcos worked at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus, as a supervisor at the tennis and racquetball complex. His role was to supervise all activities in the pool and the tennis courts, making sure people played safe and enjoyed their workouts.

“It was an extremely active role and I would spend most of the day walking around the complex,” he recalled. “Today though, with the world going through this pandemic, I feel a lot safer and more secure working from home in a reliable, stable job.”

Marcos lives with his family in San Sebastian, Puerto Rico, a municipality on the west side of the island. The area is rich in natural beauty, with hiking routes, lakes, and beaches all within easy reach, so he’s able to stay active even when working at home.

As a surfer and competitive swimmer, Marcos spends a lot of time in the water—at least one hour a day. The rest of his free time is spent hiking with his three dogs, which he is able to enjoy now that daily traffic and long commutes are a thing of the past.

Day in the Life at Activus

As an early riser, Marcos starts getting ready for his shift at 6:00 am, grabbing a coffee and a sandwich before taking his dogs out for their first walk of the day. At 7:30 am, he logs on to start his workday, logging off at around 4:00 pm.

Marcos is an AX Support Specialist who deals with timekeeping tasks across the Activus workforce. His role requires him to verify the daily work hours for our Ambassadors, upload the shifts into our scheduling platform, and connect with people if they have any issues or questions about their time slots.

After work, Marcos takes the opportunity to work on his Master’s degree: an MBA in human resources. When the campus is open, Marcos will usually travel to the University of Puerto Rico at least two days a week to study for around three hours. With the pandemic still raging, his studies are 100% remote, so he’s able to fit them easily around his work schedule.

Company Culture and Professional Future

Everything we do at Activus is about elevating experiences, not just for customers but also Ambassadors. For Marcos, this means making people feel great during every interaction and improving their day bit by bit.

For any new Ambassadors joining Activus, Marcos suggests setting yourself up with a well-organized, well-lit workspace, hanging some motivational images, and listening to some relaxing music during your shift. On top of that, his advice is to prepare to experience a company culture unlike anything else.

“I know that many of my colleagues have already mentioned this, but it’s so true: the thing I love most about Activus Connect is that I feel like part of a family,” said Marcos. “My coworkers are professional and friendly, and the role offers so much freedom within a creative and diverse company.”

Marcos has big ambitions for a successful future. His plan is to finish his MBA in human resources, before jumping into more studies to become a corporate lawyer. He likes the idea of continuing to work for Activus Connect during his legal studies as he’s keen to help the company grow.

“It’s completely possible to get a great education while working at Activus,” he said. “In today’s world, where both work and studies can be done online, you have the time and the flexibility to succeed in both areas at the same time. Felix and Minerva encourage us to study and learn as much as possible and fully support us in our personal growth, which, in my opinion, is worth sticking around for.”

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