Inspiring Forward: Making a Difference at Richmond Drive

We had the opportunity to connect with Shaqueta Bragdon (SB), who participated in assisting and supervising children during their field trip, but also actively engaged in volunteering to uplift and support her community.

AC: What organization or local cause did you volunteer for?

SB: I volunteered at my daughter’s elementary school, Richmond Drive, as a chaperone for her field trip.

AC: Can you please provide an overview of their mission?

SB: Yes, the mission of Richmond Drive is to equip every student with the skills, character, and experiences to positively impact our world. Also, the vision of Richmond Drive is to develop learners who make a difference.

AC: Was this your first time volunteering for this organization or cause? Please elaborate.

SB: Yes, this was the first time that I was able to chaperone at my daughter’s school.

AC: Where there any requirements for this type of volunteerism?

SB: Before you can volunteer, you must be verified, and this verification process requires a background check.

AC: Why did you choose to volunteer here for your Day of Giving?

SB: My child’s school requires volunteers for all of the extracurricular activities.

AC: Can you tell us about your volunteer experience? What did you do? Did your time volunteering meet your expectations?

SB: I assisted with watching the children and guiding them throughout the day while on their field trip. It was a great day, and I am grateful for the opportunity to support my child’s school/class.

AC: What would you like to share to encourage others to volunteer their time and energy locally?

SB: You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give. I would recommend that every one volunteers their time to help support their local community!

AC: Are there any links to the organization, additional educational resources, etc. that you would like to share?

SB: I am grateful for the opportunity to give back! Thanks, Activus Connect!