When We Are All Connected, We Can Lift Each Other Up

Millions of conversations are happening every second of every day, whether in person, on social media, on messaging apps, on Facetime, or on the phone, and with every one of those conversations people can choose to be humble and kind.

It is an honor to interact with other people including “perfect strangers” as is the case when customers need help from the companies they choose to buy products and services from and today, as we unveil our start-up company, Activus Connect, we are moved to find ways to infuse every conversation, regardless of channel, with a continual stream of positivity and happiness.

We’ve all felt it – the moment a perfect stranger serving us in a coffee shop encourages us to have a great day, and they really mean it!

We’ve all come across perfect strangers who may sense we are having a rough day and do something as simple but kind as offering their help.

Perfect strangers with the right mindset and positive energy can impact others in many small and big ways, and those who have felt the joy of serving others, of making somebody’s day, realize that they are the true recipients of grace.

In a world that is being increasingly polarized, it is easy to get discouraged, to withdraw, to find things overwhelmingly complicated and hard.

How can we fix it?

One great conversation at a time.

We’ll share more soon about what we do and how we do it, but for this inaugural post, we felt it most important to share why.

We have four “brand pillars” at Activus Connect, and they drive everything we do.

1. Elevating Experiences

2. Building Brands

3. Enriching Lives

4. Cultivating Communities

Each of our pillars are both inward and outward looking.

Elevating Experiences is just as much about Customer Experience (CX) as it is about Ambassador Experience (AX). AX is a core differentiation as we are truly and deeply a people company first.

Building Brands is both inward and outward; we are building and growing our brand which is as much about being a great people company as it is about being the BEST CX outcomes company.

Enriching Lives isn’t just about creating living wage jobs; it’s about enriching (at a cellular level) those we have the honor to connect with. Each interaction is an opportunity to enrich, and this is our life-long mission.

Cultivating Communities is about putting financial skin in the game but it’s also about basic human compassion – doing for others, as much as possible, as frequently as we can.

Every choice the team at Activus Connect is making, whether it’s who to hire, how to train, how to mentor and support, or which technology partners to choose as we build a fully integrated state-of-the art platform is in support of our higher purpose, and we’ll share more about how this works in a future post about our Smart Virtual ™ approach.

Right time, right place, right people, right partners: there is a harmony here that inspires us to work harder, work smarter and work in service beyond what has traditionally been defined as “customer service.”

Join us on this journey if you believe, as we do, that a positive philosophy and active engagement is the future of how companies and brands can make a real difference in the lives of their customers, their communities and the world at large – a better world at large.

Felix & Minerva