Inspiring Forward: For the Love of Yoga!

We met with Vontina Hall (VH) to go over her Day of Giving experience, sharing her yoga passion with the guests at a well known resort within her community.

AC: What organization or local cause did you volunteer for?

VH: I provided a complimentary yoga class at a local resort.

AC: Was this your first time volunteering for this organization or cause? Please elaborate.

VH: This was my first time providing yoga at this location.

AC: Were there any requirements for this type of volunteerism?

VH: You are required to have a fitness certification or specialty such as yoga.

AC: Why did you choose to volunteer here for your Day of Giving?

VH: I am passionate about spreading my love for yoga with people all over the world.

AC: Can you tell us about your volunteer experience? What did you do? Did your time volunteering meet your expectations?

VH: I met with guests of the resort and developed a series of yoga classes and meditations customized to meet the needs of all participants.

AC: What would you like to share to encourage others to volunteer their time and energy locally?

VH: I believe that service allows us to share our gifts with others.

AC: Is there anything else you would like to share about your experience?

VH: I am grateful for the opportunity to be supported by this company while providing a much-needed service that can be enjoyed by so many.